Mari Cantwell

California State Medicaid Director & Chief Deputy Director, Health Care Programs, California Department of Health Care Services

Mari Cantwell was appointed Chief Deputy Director of Health Care Programs for the Department of Health Care Services (DHCS) in February of 2013, and assumed the responsibility as the State Medicaid Director in February 2015.  She is responsible for the overall management of Health Care Delivery Systems, Health Care Financing, and Health Care Benefits and Eligibility.  These responsibilities allow the department to fulfill its primary mission of the provision of health benefits to the citizenry of California.

Prior to her appointment, Mari served as the Deputy Director, Health Care Financing, where she was responsible for the development, promotion, and implementation of health care delivery systems to the beneficiaries of the State Medi-Cal program.

Before joining the Department, from 2005-2011, Mari worked at the California Association of Public Hospitals & Hospitals as the Vice President, Finance Policy.

Mari received her Masters of Public Policy from the University of California at Los Angeles, Luskin School of Public Affairs, and a Bachelor of Arts degree in Public Policy and American Institutions from Brown University.